Jin Tripp Health Services

(Acupuncture & TCM Clinic)

108-1175 Cook ST

Victoria BC V8V 4A1

(250) 388-3669


Vincent born in mainland China, he is a third generation Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

He started learning TCM at the age of 16, and practicing in Canada and China since 1976. He is registered as Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner in BC.

Vincent will give you best Acupuncture treatment by his more than 40 year experience, and specific technique by use needled for pulse regulating. 

Jin Tripp

Jin Tripp is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with 11 years of training in Western and Traditional Medicine areas and more than 40 years' experience working in Canada and China.

She became a chief physician in China, practices in Canada & China since 1982. She has also worked as an instructor and clinic supervisor in TCM colleges in Victoria since 2008. She is mainly teaching in TCM colleges now.`