Testimonials from patients of Jin Tripp Health Services (Acupuncture and TCM Clinic)

I am most happy with my first treatment....vincents diagnonis was very true and i feel less pain now -Damon Jones

Vincent is a nice men. He fix me frozen shoulder which cause shouder pain many years. His treatment very effective, and didn't come back. Thanks. - David

"I received acupuncture treatments for my legs from Dr. Jin. When I first came to Dr. Jin for treatment, I was suffering from extreme pain in my legs. I also was suffering from muscle spasms in my legs. I even only can walk with crutches for months since of pain. After acupuncture and Chinese herbs treatment, I am not only getting rid of pain, but also feel more energy now. I am so happy Jin gives me a new life.” -Sue

“I come to Jin Tripp Health Services for Facial Rejuvenation. It is stranger than we can imagine. My daughter said my face looks younger, shiny and good looking good look even I never told her I did Facial Rejuvenation. I am not only looks better, but feel better.” - Catherine

I visited Jin a couple of months ago because of skin rash. I see my family doctor and specialist many times, and use drugs and skin creams, the rash even getting worse. One of my friend recommended me to try acupuncture in Jin’s clinic. I never do acupuncture before since I am scared of needles. I couldn’t believe how acupuncture works like that. Within three treatments all the rash is gone, and never comeback. Needles are not scared me anymore since I even couldn’t feel when they are there. Jin is awesome. -Kathy

“I am smoke over 30 years. I am often coughing and lots of phlegm. I decided to quit smoking after my friend died from cancer, he is a smoker too. I try many ways before I do acupuncture, but no one is successful. After first time acupuncture, I am easy to cut off half of the cigarettes than I used to be. After sections, I am totally getting rid of it. I am so happy now.” – Richard

“I suffer from tinnitus over a year, I saw specialist several times, but nothing he can do. My hearing got worse and worse. My friend recommends me to see Dr. Jin Tripp. I am surprised to find my tinnitus much less than before after several treatments and my hearing get better and better.” – WTY

"I came to Jin with years of chronic face pain due to TMJ. I noticed a significant change after my first treatment and the pain total relief only after 6 section of treatment. I no longer see her to get rid of the pain now, but to maintain my body, and to change my quality of life. It is far exceeded my expectations." - Hazel

“I started going to Jin’s clinic 3 years ago when I had broken my arm. Her treatment brought down the swelling and speeded my recovery. I have continued to go to Jin for acupuncture and herbs whenever I am unwell. As I get older I don’t recover as quickly from fatigue, colds, allergies and stress. I like going to Jin. When I am feeling ill she is always cheerful and I feel comforted after seeing her. She listens to me and understands what I am going through. I trust her long experience with TCM to make me well again and know that her treatments will support whatever my family doctor recommends.” - Merete

Jin is an amazing acupuncturist. She was able to relieve my symptoms when no one else could! She really knows what she is doing and I am very grateful to her. – Judy